Movie Listings for the week of 12-28

I have Time Warner digital cable in NYC, with all DVR and all the movie channels. There are several thousand movies shown each week that I could potentially record and watch later. The following is a list of all movies on the cable stations I subscribe to being shown this upcoming week; I'm going to use it to set my DVR to record what I want in advance. Maybe you'll find it useful too, if you've got a similar setup. If you see one of your favorites listed and want to make sure others watch it, post a comment. This list is automatically generated each week and is sorted by the rating the movie got from a website that will go nameless, and movies rated too low are left out; click on the movie name for showtime details.


  1. I can't believe this feature was just added to 34. Just last week, the wife and I decided to cancel cable. Maybe we will use the list anyway for our replacement entertainment, Netflix.

    The "Great Escape" is one of my favorit movies of all time.

  2. XX/XY is the Worst Movie of All Time. Even Mark Ruffalo can't save it.

    NO Tivo for that one.

  3. Shout out to 4 Minutes. I need to watch that. If they ever come out with a movie called 4 Minutes 40 Seconds, it will be awesomer (in that it will be about me).

  4. You should definitely watch Four Weddings and a Funeral, unless it's on one of the channels where they take out all of the profanity, because if they do the first five minutes will be silent.

    It's not a chick flick.


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