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I suppose it's my responsibility to inform the masses about the strike situation from a commuter's perspective. My company said that anyone who lives in Manhattan below 96th street is expected to walk to work and to be there ON TIME. Well hmph. Now that's all right for me; I'm only about an hour or so walk away and sometimes, when I'm feeling motivated, I walk anyway. And I like walking -- in fact, Jeff and I walked from our dim sum brunch in Chinatown all the way to 123rd street this Sunday. THAT was a trek. It took two huge bookending meals and a Chelsea hiatus to see Brokeback Mountain to get us through it. 'Twas really fun, though. ANYWAY, this morning I was feeling badly for, say, my supervisor, who lives at 89th and YORK! But as it turns out, she started her vacation today. Lucky.

Walking this morning was fine. COLD -- it's in the 20s -- but fine. I said damn the man and wore sneakers and jeans. People laughed and joked along the way, and white Reeboks abounded. Zipper scooters, bikes, and rollerbladers zoomed past from time to time. I'm one of 3 people here in my 15-person department. Brooklyners (Brooklynites?), all of them. I wonder how long this will last...


  1. we prefer brooklynITES. and we can hoof it with the best of 'em, thank you very much.


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