Chimpanzee that?

Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant of The Office fame (and to some extent, Extras fame) have a Podcast thing going on along with Karl Pilkington. Gervais and Merchant started out in radio, so I guess that makes sense. Each Podcast consists of Pilkington saying ridiculous things and the other two making fun of him, which makes for surprisingly entertaining listening. I have been listening to them on my walk to and from work (I can get through one 30 minute Podcast a day), which is not entirely ideal; I often start smiling or outright laughing whilst walking down Court St., which attracts undesired attention from my fellow pedestrians.

In other Office-y news, I have warmed up to the American version on NBC. The first season recycled the plot lines from the British episodes, and the British episodes are such classics that a reinterpretation of them is almost guaranteed to fail. The current season has branched out to mostly original ideas, and it's often quite funny. It's certainly better than nothing.


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