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Two things editors never get to do: Go on business trips and live the high life

The past few days I have been in Chicago, a truly lovely city which I have not had the pleasure of visiting for eight years. Everything is a tad wider than it is in Manhattan, and a bit squatter. The city as a whole is cleaner. The river and lake are truly lovely.

But the highlight of my trip was not absorbing the gorgeous architecture. It wasn’t even the hotel. But who knew, when they flew out our entire editorial team to celebrate the “kickoff” of the new year and a new joint venture with a Chicago branch, that we’d stay in the nicest hotel I have ever stepped foot inside? Huuuuuge bathtub, a bathroom MUCH bigger than my room here in Manhattan, big fluffy king-sized bed, water bottles and the Times delivered to my door, comfy robes and slippers, a ginormous Jacuzzi and spa upstairs… I felt like a queen!

But no, it gets better. After a day of meetings and then team-building volunteer work (for a great organization called Bottomless Closet which gives business wear and career advice to women for interviews and jobs), we knew we had a “big surprise” planned for the evening. We thought maybe a nice dinner, open bar, what have you. Maybe bowling. No.

They took us to see the Rolling Stones in skyboxes at the United Center. In a word – ohmigod.

12 luxury skyboxes, unlimited wine and beer, a hot dog bar, a sausage bar, a dessert tray that kept refilling with candied apples and carrot cakes....a pair of binoculars for everyone to keep…and the STONES! The friggin’ Rolling Stones! They played everything I wanted (“Gimmie Shelter” was a definite highlight) and Mick still writhes like a horny teenager. It was Editors Gone WILD! If anyone has video of us dancing like crazy folk to “Brown Sugar”…my goodness. We were a sight.

It was a great trip. I wish everyone I love could have been with me to experience it.


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