The nature of maps

Various tidbits having to do with location:

Despite the fact that it absolutely fails to work in Safari (it loads fine in Firefox), Microsoft's new Live Local has some very impressive aerial photographs. For those who haven't yet had the pleasure of visiting Sea Gate: this is what it looks like if you're G-d or a helicopter or some weird Coptic- copter-deity.

The cover of Paul Auster's new book, Brooklyn Follies, which I'll read eventually, focuses on a corner building past a Brooklyn intersection. I noticed a poster for the book (what kind of book is promoted with posters?) plastered up on the temporary fence of a worksite at the corner of Court and Livingston St. on my way to work today. That particular intersection and building under the scaffolding weren't depicted on the front cover, but the similarity was striking.

Speaking of scaffolding: someone needs to do a Google Maps mashup to track all the buildings with scaffolding on them in New York City. I suppose I could create it if I were properly motivated. Such a map would be invaluable in determining whether the Law of Conservation of Scaffolding is holds or is just an urban (construction) myth.

Finally, there's a new Bahn Mi place on Bergen St. down the block from my apartment which I will definitely be hitting up frequently in the future. It turns out that the shop is located in the storefront that the Mina Car Service occupied in Jonathan Lethem's Motherless Brooklyn. So that's something.


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