Tyra Banks Has True Compassion. Like, Really.

34 just saw Munich, which, among other things, was fucking long. And now, we're watching a rerun of our favorite (well, I don't want to speak for Jeff, but we all know where my allegiences lie) supermodel's talk show. Miss Tyra Banks had the bravery to smear vegetable shortening on her face (yeah, we don't know either), don a fat suit, and then brave the streets of a place she says, "is known to discriminate against fat people," or something. Again, yeah, we don't know either. Anyway, she is telling us that people on the street laughed at her, the camera then panning to two women with unfortunate black bars on their faces laughing at, maybe, the crazy camera dudes and Tyra Banks wearing a fat suit. Then she BREAKS DOWN CRYING on the sofa between two overweight women, forcing them to comfort HER. "I felt so alone, guys," she's saying. "I was so hurt and so sad and tired." Screw you, Tyra. She's the most ridiculous woman on television.

Munich is REALLY long. Jeff hated it more than I did. I thought it was fair to good.


  1. Sheryl, I think we've discussed the wildly exploitative ANTM tie-ins on The Tyra Banks Show, where Tyra invites some of the troubled ANTM contestants to the show to have a therapy session. Naima and her twin discussed their drinking problems and abandonment issues, Ebony didn't get to confront the father who had abandoned her because he rightfully didn't want to be exploited, and Kahlen got admonished for not healing quickly enough after her rape. I'm not so upset when Tyra semi-crushes pretty girls' dreams on the reality show, but when she offers them the chance to remain in the dim spotlight by coming on to her reality show and to reveal all in Tyra's version of psychobabble, the whole thing moves from schadenfraude to train-wreck exploitation.

    I came across yesterday's episode of The Tyra Banks Show by accident (no, really, although I did sit down to watch part of it). Tyra and the therapist badgered Sarah into guessing that she might be bisexual before bringing Kim on the show to say that she's just not that into her. Sarah won't ever be a model and has no reason to continue her relationship with Tyra--or Kim, for that matter. Maybe once she realizes that her friendship with Kim was intense for external (rather than solely internal) stressors, she can think about whether she's bi. She may just have had an intense friendship with someone who didn't feel as intensely. But when Tyra and the therapist are telegraphing psychobabble answers and so on, no one's going to figure anything out about herself.

    This post contains more indignation than I thought I'd ever produce toward ANTM. Project Runway is way better.


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