Lost on yer merry way

If there's anything less interesting than blogging about blogging it's blogging about not blogging. So I won't do that. 34 is still a blog and yes, there will probably be some new content on it sometime.

There would probably be more content if I hadn't purchased season one of Lost from the iTunes music (video) store this past weekend, and if Sheryl and I hadn't watched 18 episodes on Saturday and Sunday. We do love the Lost kids and hope that in real life they don't find the island as creepy as we do.


  1. you know what's creepy? humans bearing (no pun intended) panda babies.

  2. are you going to squash your future kids' dreams by telling them they CAN'T do anything they set their minds to?


  3. Lost is entertaining as hell. Mike's question was when are we going to be introduced to a character called Hobbes? I mean, since we have John Locke and the wacked out Rousseau on an island where everyone's returning to the state of nature. Hobbes would presumably prove to be one of the people who [blank]ed [Blank] at the end of last season, perhaps a cannibal.

  4. that's why i am not having kids.

  5. i would like to apologize for my irrelevant and offensive comments.

  6. Hi Jeffery,
    I happened to goggle a restaurant in Monroe & one of your blog post came up. You opted at that time to eat at some Coney Island place (in Monroe?) instead of Bubba Luigis. My sista ate there last night & this is what she emailed me today (he usually has wild game night on Thursday but he's mixing it up this month by doing countries:
    Last night was the Iberian Peninsula, which is somewhere around Spain and Portugal. First we got a big tasty bowl of shrimp in garlic butter, which I loved but I was wishing for French bread to go with it but I guess that would have clashed with the Iberian mood. Next was a salad of cold marinated onions, peppers, etc. and a bowl of migas. I'm sure you know what migas is, but in case you don't it's like a hash brown casserole with bits of tortilla and cheese and eggs. It was good too and I wish I had some of them migas right now. Next was little veal cutlets in gravy and mushrooms...that was good too. Then there was paella, which I saved for Andy and Daniel. Dessert was flan and I do love me some flan. The whole time Stu is bringing out sangria and sangria mixed with champagne and port and sherry. I had a really good time.
    Plan on joining those crazy Union Parishers' there this summer & have a tastee for myself!


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