Planned parenthood

This is why we plan on having our own. We'll save the leasing money for college tuition, which should be in the million dollar a year range by 2024.

(If you are similarly obsessed with pandas, the PandaCam and Panda Fix are of interest. If you not not obsessed, please don't judge me.)


  1. And we don't want to hear why pandas are "vicious" and "mean" and how "it will be hard to bear a panda." That kind of negativity doesn't help anyone.

  2. i have a question. what if you have your little precious pandas and then accidentally- by some odd and unexpected twist of fate- you have a human baby (you meaning sheryl) and then the pandas (as sweet and well-behaved as i'm sure they are) don't get along w/ the human baby ... or try to eat it or something? just maybe something to think about.

  3. What the hell kind of baby-eating pandas do YOU know?!

  4. What if you are out hunting with your trusty panda, you turn, point your rifle at the panda, and pull the trigger, shoot him in the face ... do you think either you or your panda could live with yourselves again?

    Also, for those lawyers out there, what tort have you committed?


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