Gothamist posted someone's High Dynamic Range image of Brooklyn Heights, and it's very striking. You can see my office in the background all the way on the left, with the lamppost in the foreground. A good deal of the Brooklyn Heights waterfront is owned by the Mirer family.

I don't fully understand the concept of High Dynamic Range imaging, and the Wikipedia article is a bit too heavy on digit imaging terminology to be illuminating (or luminescent, or whatever).

Flickr's full of more HDR images (6000+ at last count). They range from the highly stylized to the semi-stylized to the not-that-stylized, and then 6000 more in between.

I used to play around with KPT Bryce back in the day–it was one of the few things that could tax the PowerPC chip on my then state-of-the-art PowerMac 6100. I've always had a copy of Photoshop and would play with the filters and color adjustments as well, even if I was never the most qualified to do so. I'm very close to taking the plunge and buying a digital SLR to replace my clunky old Fuji 2 megapixel point-and-shoot, whose pictures can't even fill my 20" iMac's screen. The Canon Digital Rebel XT seems to be the consensus choice for best value, and I know of some happy owners at work, but it takes me a while to work myself up to a large purchase like that.


  1. What we lack in class we make up for in real estate.

  2. "FART," he said, underlining the previous point.

  3. I looked around a bit more and found this tutorial/description of the HDR process which clears things up a bit.

    The Mirers are lovely folk, for the record.


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