Monday night sadness

The "web update" that the Specpublished on April 1 about the West End closing seemed a bit too obvious as an April Fool's article; didn't we run something along those lines in our April Fool's issue? But when there's another article in today's edition, you have to wonder whether the current Managing Board really knows how to sell a joke or whether the West End's proprietress really knows how to sell a belov├Ęd institution.

I've got to go to work now, but I thought those who hadn't seen the news should know...


  1. That is sad. What's sadder is that nobody lives in the neighborhood anymore. Face it, the place has changed in the last (can you believe it?) four years, and this is just another drop in the bucket. What's also sad is that I missed our anniversary. So happy anniversary, near-eastern medical attache!


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