Cheffy Jeff'y

As Jeff mentioned in his past post, he has been cooking up quite a storm in the past few weeks. One highlight was a replication of a meal we had at one of our new favorite Greek restaurants, Pylos. We loooved the beet and feta towers and the "light as air" meatballs we ordered as appetizers. So I was way excited when I arrived in Brooklyn one night a few days later, Jeff had recreated them, along with lamb and a Greek salad, for our dinner. So very, very good.

Last week he whipped up a spicy Manhattan clam chowder to help cure my bout with laryngitis. BTW: Singing Kelly Clarkson at the very top of your voice in a party bus full of girls wearing pink boas and drinking vodka sodas to celebrate a middle school bud's impending marriage (in Florida! next weekend!) can lead to nothing but good when you have a cold coming on.

My personal favorite, though, was my birthday meal this evening. At my request, Jeff prepared 2 lovely steaks (thanks, Rich and Adele!) with mushrooms and shallots. And tonight we learned what's obvious–good meat is damn GOOD. Hooray for the Cobble Hill butcher. Also at my request (demanding, I know!), he made a salad containing three of my favorite ingredients: arugula, pears, and provolone. The cheese he bought was "aged three years" and was really sharp and crumbly. Yum. He also got a lil' crazy and cooked polenta for the first time. Polenta is so cool... it keeps whatever shape you make with it! Yummy, creamy slices of cheesy goodness.

This "10 Days o' Birthday Madness" has also included several trips to The Best Bakery in the World–Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington and Norfolk. We have consumed enough banana pudding to fill at least a kiddie pool. Seriously, though. Go to SSS if you live in New York and order the 'nana pudding. If you don't live here, you have my word we will take you there one evening when you visit.

People wonder why I go to the gym so much. These people don't date Jeff.


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