Scaffolding Go-live

Saturday brought some beautiful springtime weather, and I ventured out to Brooklyn Heights (and a bit of Cobble Hill) to put the new camera to the test.

My primary subject was scaffolding, and I've populated the scaffolding map mash-up thing with quite a few shots. I also spent quite a bit of time getting the JavaScript just so for the site, and while I'm not completely done yet it's mostly up and running. Do check it out, and if you see any scaffolding, take a picture, upload it to Flickr, and submit it to the site.

For those who don't care about scaffolding (and why not?), I took pictures of other things as well.


  1. Pos- this mashup just highlights how you're a Brooklyn snob and never head into Manhattan. I'll try to get some pictures of scaffolding on our humble island to round out your collection. I'll be in SF this weekend too, so if I happen to cross anyplace that someone has scaffolded, I'll try and snap it.


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