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My Canon Digital Rebel XT arrived at work mid-afternoon, which made it very hard to focus on coding and email and whatever else I do in the office. I left a bit early and set out to play around with it.

The camera is a digital SLR, and if you're a n00b when it comes to camera optics (as I am) it's a little intimidating to venture away from the default, auto-ish settings. A friend from work recommended the National Geographic Photography Field Guide as a good beginner's photography reference, and I imagine that will be in my next Amazon order. The manual included with the camera is rife with abbreviations and will hopefully make some sense once I get the basic terminology down.

I mostly snapped photos around the apartment, and have uploaded the decent shots to Flickr. (The pirate dude is everyone's favorite.)

And oddly enough, I am serious about going around and taking pictures of scaffolding in New York and mashing it up with Google Maps. I put together an initial site running off my iMac; I haven't taken any scaffolding pictures yet, but I put up some sample content in the meantime.


  1. There is some nice scaffolding on Jay Street on the way to BLS (at the transit museum). I can take a picture of it the next time I go to school if you want.

  2. HAHAHA. For once I have beaten you to the punch. In this case, I am referring to the scaffolding photography meme currently sweeping through the blogosphere like wildfire.

    Also, if you want to go toe-to-toe on the incomprehensible camera angle, I bought a camera in Akihabara and all the instructions are in Japanese! Shi-Boo-Ya!

  3. I really thought bendyr was scott, but i don't think scott has a warcraft blog (he's too lazy). is there scaffolding in WoW? Maybe you can post a screenshot.

  4. That's Will, and if he could get me the longitude & latitude of that scaffolding it will go up on the map.

    Same for you, Rich. Post them on Flickr and tell me where they were shot and I'll put 'em up.

  5. Hey, that's my guild's blog. Don't knock it.

    Luckily for you, the scaffolding just happens to be at a very significant part of Hong Kong, Victoria Peak. Some random website gives the lat/long here as: 22° 17' N; 114° 9' E..

    I also have another shot in a different area, Mong Kok, whose coords are given as: 22° 19' N; 114° 10' E, for some variety.

  6. Also, I can think of two instances of scaffolding in WoW. If I can snag a screenshot, I will, just to mess with your mapping plans.


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