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Little Children was altogether unpleasant. I have a semi-unjustified bias against Tom Perrotta after reading the meh-inspiring Joe College (which Amazon helpfully subtitles as "A Novel"). Sheryl, however, read Little Children and was all excited about the film. So we had to see it. I have been trying to get Sheryl to blog about how poor it was as restitution, but she never got around to it. Thankfully, Ben has picked up the slack. To pile on another representative anecdote about how this was clearly not a movie, Jennifer Connelly was paid money to be in the film (presumably; I hope), and yet she's only in one of every dozen scenes or so. If that's not gross negligence in filmmaking, I don't know what is.

I probably shouldn't take the baton from Ben and get started with my thoughts on David Denby. Well, just one: for not particularly complicated but purposefully mysterious reasons, I've slept in the same bed as David Denby. (No, not at the same time. Several months later.) And the bed still smelled like an incompetent movie review. No joke.


  1. I just can't understand why this movie is getting heaps of praise from every single reviewer out there. Unpleasant, boring, mystifying...all in all, an incompetent retelling of the (really very good) novel. Double ugh. "The biggest disappointment of the year."


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