A Moderately Short Engagement 2: European Vacation!

A few things: I asked Sheryl Paige Gordon Posnick to marry me last Saturday morning at 12:51am, and see said sure, so now we're getting married. Or, at some point in the future we're getting married, but now we're fiancĂ©ed. We're all happy about that–even Ben, whose post The abyss gazes also into you, Jeffy had nothing to do with my engagement after all.

We will be heading off to London and then Paris tomorrow, staying through January 2. If you were expecting any new bloggages in the next 10 days or so, you'd face disappointment regardless of where we were, but at least we have an excuse now. What you should expect is a lot of pictures on the Flickr site once we return.

Here's the standard blog copout though: some posts I chose at random from the first few months of the archives to occupy your attention. 34 used to be bustling; if you poke around a bit you can find some of Bananaebert's original movie critiques.


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