Tonight was cook-y night at Shay Gordon-Posnick.

I finally opened up the pasta maker that Sheryl got me for Chanukah and gave it my best. Making pasta is uncomfortably close to baking, something that I avoid at all costs, but damned if I didn't want to eat dinner tonight. Sheryl was a big help, as using the pasta machine is a two-person task: one to feed the sheets into the cutting rollers, and the other to catch the resultant strand of pasta before they touch our icky countertop. Despite approaching the endeavor with that less than generous attitude, I guess I fared all right. I'll definitely be less stressed out the next time I use the machine. The pasta was a good texture, but perhaps a bit too thick and definitely too eggy.

Sheryl picked up the slack and made a wonderful dessert: chocolate pudding. Did you know that you could actually make chocolate pudding? The wonder.


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