Whither /.?

You know what's no longer relevant, in any shape or form? Slashdot. It's kind of sad, as it used to be the be-all and end-all of technology/nerd news sites, but any number of other technology blogs out there have supplanted it. The articles you do find there nowadays are at least a half-day behind the publication time of information from other sites, and forget any insightful discussion threads (never Slashdot's strong point).

I wonder where it went wrong? Is it not Web 2.0-y enough? (Pardon the terminology–I just had to rinse my mouth with a shot of bourbon to atone.)


  1. The SlashCode engine that powers slashdot is decidedly not Web 2.0. Stories are submitted by users, but then have to be approved by some shadow council before it can appear on the site. This process can take hours or even days. While Slashdot was probably one of the first user-generated content sites on the internet, it's process now seems extremely rigid.

    Compared to newer sites like WikiNews and digg, the idea that news stories should be filtered through a committee seems out-dated. If I wanted news stories that were hours or days old and had been "approved for my consumption", I would read a newspaper.


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