Et tu, Bruni?

(Not to be confused with Et tu, etouffée?)

We don't like Franny's. Admittedly, this opinion was formed after one visit, which is not the most objective way to evaluate a restaurant. But Sheryl and I both had a distinctively unpleasant experience, and that's not the sort of place you tend to give a second chance.

Frank Bruni busted out two stars for the joint today, which is pretty mind-blowing when you think about it. (And my last name isn't even Chodorow.)

So that's something. In the time since eating at Franny's, we've been to Noodle Pudding several times, which has much better overall Italian, both Lunetta and Bocca Lupo, which do small Italian plates better (though admittedly not with homemade sausage), and are itching to go to Lucali, where the pizza is supposed to rival Di Fara's.

Maybe this is just Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens bias kicking in. We do like Helios, though, which is only a few blocks from Franny's on in Prospect Heights.

(Edit: There's a lively discussion on Chowhound about the two star review–perhaps discussing Franny's is not longer verboten?)


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