Some Steve Winwood Help? Anyone? Adam?

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please tell me the name of the OTHER Steve Winwood song that isn't "High Life"? Please? It's famous. And it has the lyrics, "And I don't wanna know." Or something that sounds like that. You'd know it if you heard it.

Does this make sense? Please help.


  1. Hmm...

    You sure you're not thinking about Silver Spring by Fleetwood Mac?

    And did you say she was pretty
    And did you say that she loves you
    Baby, I dont wanna know

    Did you know that Richard Marx did a cover of Miami 2017?

  2. Oksy, I found the answer, thanks to someone at work. The song isn't Steve Winwood, it's Genesis, "Throwin' It All Away."

    Phil Collins and Steve WInwood have that same '80s needy whine in their voice, right?

    I did NOT know about this Miami 2017 cover, which I want to hear RIGHT away.


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