Blogging 2.1

As an update to my earlier cop-out for not really blogging regularly, let me say that the best way to keep up to date on things I find interesting (assuming you'd want to do such a thing) is to subscribe to the RSS feed of my shared RSS items (it's a bit meta, which is bonus points).

This is a bit different from my feed of bookmarks, in that it's just things I come across in the course of reading my RSS feeds that I find interesting, rather than things I want to permanently bookmark. I use NetNewsWire (and it's web counterpart, NewsGator Online, although mostly NetNewsWire now that I have a Mac at work) to share items, but there's similar functionality in Google Reader.

The items are also shared in a little sidebar to the right on this blog, and via FeedHeads on Facebook, but there's nothing like reading an RSS feed of someone else's shared RSS items in a real RSS reader.


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