Obama '08

There were a number of food-related events back in the NYC office that I missed this week, but one major perk of being out in Mountain View was getting to hear Barack Obama speak. Ideally this would have been in person, but an hour before he was scheduled to appear the line to enter the auditorium was already snaked around a couple of buildings, so I had to settle for watching it over video conference from another building. Which, I could have done from NYC as well, but shush. It was cool just being on campus to feel the excitement associated with his visit.

Many things have gone very, very wrong under the Bush presidency, and I don't know how much of it Obama (or anyone else) would be able to undo. There have been many disservices perpetrated against this country and the world, and I'm not going to say that having a president that lacks intelligence, moral authority, and sound judgment is the chief disservice, it's certainly at the root of it all. Listening to Obama speak, and imagining what it would be like to have a competent president who had both this country's and this world's interests in mind, I teared up a bit. It's a sad state of affairs that such a basic concept should be so moving, but we already knew that, right?


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