Things to watch when you're watching

After a nice weekend break with the always hospitable Mirers, I'm holed up in a hotel in Palo Alto again. The cable here is different and frightening (Fox is channel 8? Football is on at 10:00am?), and I distrust it, so I've turned to the Internets for video entertainment.

I never got fully caught up to Ze Frank's The Show, despite the fact that there are no more new episodes. I started watching last summer when I had another long hotel stay in Redmond, and I've come back to a bit, watching a couple of episodes here and there.

I watched some of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 shorts with Petey last night, and I watched some more today back in my hotel room. I have some of the full-length episodes queued up on Netflix, but I'm almost positive that Sheryl will hate them, so watching 10 minute mini-films on YouTube is probably my best way to get a fix.

I started watching Batman Begins, which I had ripped to my hard drive, but stopped after 15 minutes or so and went out searching for online episodes of the old Batman: The Animated Series instead. It ran on Fox weekday afternoons when I was a kid, and it's such a wonderful show. AOL video has a large collection of episodes, mainly from the first and best season, which in my mind completely justifies the AOL/Time Warner merger.

Joost is allegedly a source for interesting content, but after scrounging around for an invitation, I found that it's mainly just reality show rejects and, like, hockey. But there is a Comedy Central channel, and one of the featured shows is Stella, which I can't get enough of. So I've watched a couple of those.

No rundown of recommended Internet video would be complete without linking to the manatee bit from Dr. Katz, of course. So there you go.


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