Rabbit, rabbit

2008 is an election year–though how would we really know until the Daily Show comes back? And while I don't think 2008 is going to be anything close to 2004 from the perspective of polito-blogging, I might as well ring in the new year by mentioning the talk of a third-party Michael Bloomberg candidacy.

I'll go on the record now with the opinion that not only is Bloomberg going to run but that when we go to the polls in November 2008, we'll be choosing between a Mormon, a partly African-American, and a Jewish guy with "zealously guarded personal privacy" (which is just about as far as the Times goes by way of innuendo). I don't know whether the result of the election will amount to America putting aside or just carefully ranking its prejudices.

A Bloomberg candidacy will inevitably lead to discussions of whether he would be stealing votes from Republicans or Democrats. In anticipation of that, here's the obligatory link to information on alternative voting systems, and along with a dream of abolishing the electoral college, I'll pine away for a real democracy.


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