Some small updates

A. We're married (yay us!), and much love to all our friends, family, and especially parents who made our wedding so wonderful. There are various sites cropping up around the Internet with unauthorized paparazzi pictures, and I won't condone that sort of thing by linking to them (if you have uploaded any, I guess you can link to them in the comments to this post). When there are some sort of official pictures available, I'll let folks know.

B. We're on our honeymoon (yay us!), and while we obviously have Internet access in the room, we're doing our best not to be huge nerds and we're getting out and enjoying St. Kitts. I've already uploaded some photos to Flickr that you can check out now, and as I take more, more will be uploaded to the same photoset.

The photoset has been updated with a bunch more pictures, and I think Sheryl will be uploading some of her own to her Flickr account as well.


  1. My favorite is the movie marquis for "I Am A Legend". The beach looks great. Ah, the sun. Have fun! Can't wait to hear about the food!

  2. i love you guys! come home! life without sheryl sucks. but have fun! be safe!


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