Stand somewhat near your QB

Sheryl's got nothing to worry about: Tony Romo and I are officially on the outs.

Out of all the things I fault him for in the second half (not throwing the ball away while he could, throwing the ball away for no reason and taking the grounding penalty, throwing the ball downfield when they had so much success with the short game in the first half), the one thing that gets me the most is that Romo ignored Witten for most of the game. Witten lives to convert third downs up the middle, and while he had a good game with seven catches, some of those long lobs at the end should have gone his way–it's not like the receivers downfield were any more open.

Last year's playoff finish was heartbreaking, and Romo had my sympathy. This year, it was Romo's team to lead and it was Romo's game to lose. I'm not itching for another quarterback (and perhaps more relevantly, neither is Owens), but it's now twelve years since the Cowboys won a playoff game, and regardless of how he plays during the regular season next year, I'm going to be afraid it'll be thirteen.


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