Mario Kart Popems

Some random thoughts after playing Mario Kart for a while:

Timed battle mode is no good. Some of my fondest SNES Mario Kart memories are of using the feather to jump behind a barricade and forcing my battle mode opponent to follow me in for the kill.

Girls like Mario Kart. Playing video games with your significant other is a lot more fun, and doesn't leave you with that nasty I-just-played-WoW-for-four-hours-while-my-wife-watched-Law-and-Order feeling.

The question mark blocks are called either "presents" or "fake presents", depending on whether they'll blow you up or not. The shells are obviously "ducks".

You need to power slide. Auto mode is for wimps.

It's been 16 years and Nintendo still hasn't realized that red and green shells are indistinguishable to a sizable minority of the male population.


  1. It's ooooon Gabe and I will destroy you two!!!


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