Happy birthday, Josh!

34 is all about baking, following a successful joint-baking effort that produced delicious lemon bars yesterday. (Sheryl let me be sous-baker!) We baked the bars to bring to Rich and Adele's for dessert in honor of Adam's birthday, and they were enjoyed by all.

Baking, I must say, is about a thousand times more involved than cooking, and I don't think I have the will or inclination to take on primary baking duties anytime soon.


  1. Yet baking is so much more fulling than regular cooking. Seeing the excitement on someone's face when they see your chocolate cake is much more exciting than their reaction to a squash soup, for example.

    Magic bar recipe please?

  2. i dunno, Jamers, your squash soup made me VERY happy! almost as happy as your tortilla.

    magic cookie bar recipe to come.


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